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What are our favorite after-market mods to do on jeeps?


So you want to modify your Jeep and you’re looking for aftermarket parts that will keep it looking captivating and unique? If you haven’t yet check out our last blog on mods that you can do to your Jeep that won’t void the manufacturer warranty. This blog is for those people who want to modify their Jeep and don’t really care about the manufacturer’s warranty. We get it, you just got a brand new Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator and you want to have fun with it. Here are the top 5 mods you can do to your Jeep to have the most amount of fun with it.


The first mod we like seeing is one that serves a practical purpose and it looks cool. Yes, we’re talking about the lift or the stance of your Jeep. With companies like Rough Country and Mopar making their own lift kits for your Jeep, you have an array of companies to choose from.



Wheel and Tire Setup

In our last blog we mentioned the recommended size of the tires to stay within the manufacturer warranty standards. However,it’s also important to mention this mod in this Blog too. The wheel and tire setup for any Jeep build is important and vital to the look and feel of your Jeep. Fuel makes wheels that look aggressive but heavy duty, Method has classic looking wheels, and Black Rhino wheels seem like something straight out of a Fast and Furious movie something similar to  an armored truck).

With whatever wheel you choose just make sure to get the corresponding tire. If you know you don’t usually go off-roading and you just want your car to look cool. Get a set of tires that allow you to have a comfortable ride on the highway. But if you do go off-roading make sure to get good off roading tires, and if that’s the case make sure to look into beadlock wheels. 

Also if you can’t get the stance you want, definitely look into spacers. However when using them, be cautious with the amount of space between your wheel and your car, it can lead to damages to your vehicle. All this is a great compliment to number one because you can get more height based on the size of the tire.


Wheel and Tire Setup

Bumper and Fenders

One mod that we like seeing is bumper and fender combos on any Jeep body type. Whether you’re going for a simple bolt on to completely custom, this is something you may want to look at. Especially when you have companies like DV8 who make armor inner liner and fender combos that allow you to build on the aggressive look that you’re going for. Pair that with their bumpers or even the Rough Country bumpers to take your Jeep to the next level. With your new body make sure to protect this rest or sides with a slider or side step, to really complete the exterior look and protect the body of your vehicle when you go rock crawling.

Le Piece de less resistance

Maybe the easiest mod that requires minimal amount of research or time installing is a HANDLE. Yes, a handle. We wanted to include mods that we didn’t mention in the last blog, and this was one that gets overlooked 9/10 times. With our new off road toys we usually want to share the experience with our significant other or families. Having this mod, you will offer some level of security to your passengers. With all these expensive/aggressive looking mods, Rough Country makes a handle that not only looks cool but matches the styling of your new Jeep.




With all those looks you’re going to definitely need to do some engine modifications that will increase the performance. The standard thing that people do to liven up the engine a little bit is a cat back or adding a cold air intake with a slight tune to adjust for the amount of air being pushed to the engine, But we have something else in mind. In our experience, you can see an increase of 40-45% more horsepower when you do a supercharger or pro charger install on your vehicle. However, that much force induction is useful at the higher rpms. For everyday use or when you’re in the lower rpms, you won’t get the full benefits of a pro charger. This can lead to significant engine wear in the long run, but it’s super fun.

This also depends on what you are looking to do with your jeep. Despite all this you could call one of our trusted Bill Luke Service members and shoot some ideas off of them and see what they do to their Jeeps and what they recommend. When you get a clearer picture of the performance part you want to install on your Jeep, make sure you get these mods professionally installed by a trusted professional. I cannot stress enough the importance of getting this done professionally.


Also no this is not an ad for Rough Country, we just use them in a lot of our personal Jeep and truck builds. If you are sick of hearing or reading about Rough Country, companies like AEV make tasteful modification packages for Jeeps, and we partner and order some Jeep conversions through them. Just last month we had a brand new Rubicon with an AEV package that left our lot within the week. At the end of the day these mods are supposed to accentuate who you are and what you like to do. If you just want your Jeep to look cool then these are perfect for you, but if you also like the performance and ruggedness behind the Jeep brand then these are also for you. Just fine tune them to your liking. Stay tuned to the aforementioned truck mods we like to see and what will and won’t void your warranty.

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