A Message From The Manager

Dear Friends,

When you have decided to have your vehicle repaired, sometimes the hardest thing of all is finding someone you can trust to repair your vehicle. Here are some of the facts and thoughts that may help you make this decision.

Even with 164 years of experience we are continuously updating our equipment and training our technicians to ensure that your repairs are completed properly and professionally. Our status as an I-Car Gold Class repair facility tells you, our customer, that Bill Luke Dodge has made a commitment to stay up to date. With our facility located at the dealership, we can offer full service to our customers. We can also incorporate such service into the repair process if needed. You can have everything from an oil change to a complete engine overhaul done while you are here.

The repair process can be very complicated if not handled correctly, and every repair is different. We have overcome this problem by having an advisor personally handling your job from beginning to end. Your advisor has been trained in every aspect of the body repair process: Estimating, Framework, Body Repair, Paint Work, Troubleshooting, and in Communication with insurance companies. Your advisor will be your contact person throughout the repair process and will answer the many questions that you may have.

It will also be the advisor's job to keep you updated on how your repair process is proceeding. We encourage the customer to call at any time when a question may arise. We hope you will understand that with your advisor personally overseeing your repairs, they are out of the office most of the day, and if you miss them they will return your call as soon as possible.

Many times on or before starting repairs the question arises: How long will the repairs take? This is a fair question to ask and as a customer you have a right to know how long your vehicle will be disabled. We will do our best to give you an approximate time of delivery, but we hope you will understand that with our pledge to repair your vehicle properly and with all the steps that must be completed before delivery can be made, an exact date and time is almost impossible to make. Your time is important to us. It is also important to us as a business to repair your vehicle as fast as possible, but not at the cost of workmanship. There is only one way to repair a vehicle and that is the correct way!

We understand how distressful and inconvenient a repair process can be. But with your understanding we can make this repair go smoothly and correctly. Your safety and satisfaction are our highest most concern in completing your repairs. I appreciate you taking the time to read this explanation, and I hope it will help you to understand the processes involved in repairing your vehicle during this trying time.

Wally Stokebrand
Body Shop Manager